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Q. Is the speed measurement accurate? How much error is there? There are actual constraints and errors. The gyro speed predicts and displays the speed of the arm swinging using the accelerometer and gyro sensor. This prediction method of gyro speed inevitably leads to user's actual constraint and error. For example, in the case of young children, the swing speed of the arm is fast, but the actual speed is low due to lack of muscle strength, but the speed of the gyro can be high. The factor that determines the speed of the ball is not only the speed of the arm, but also various factors such as muscle strength, movement of center, snap of the wrist, and the force of pressing the ball with the fingers. Despite these errors, the gyro speed does a great job as a pitching practice tool. The trainee can set a standard for their own arm swing speed, and practice more safely than throwing the ball directly for a quick arm swing. More than anything else, training is fun.

Q. I'm 10 years old boy but Gyrospeed show me 80mph A. Gyrospeed measures the swing acceleration and angular velocity of the arm, so it's possible that children with shorter arms may be measured higher than their actual speed. However, it's important to note that Gyrospeed is not a replacement for actual radar gun measurements, and should be used as a reference point rather than an exact measurement. As a 10-year-old boy, it's also important to focus on proper pitching mechanics and not just velocity. With practice and proper technique, you can continue to improve your pitching abilities.

Q. It is not measured above 90 mph. I actually throw 95mph. A. Although Gyrospeed does not measure the actual speed of a moving ball, it calculates the swing acceleration and angular velocity of the arm to estimate the ball's speed. As such, the measurement may not be entirely accurate for individuals with different arm lengths. For instance, if your arm is longer, the speed may be underestimated, while children with shorter arms may get overestimated results. To address this, we had to find a middle ground during the development of Gyrospeed. Using Gyrospeed, you can determine your own reference speed, which can be more helpful in adjusting your pitching balance. Therefore, even if your actual speed is higher than what is measured by Gyrospeed, you can still use it as a reliable reference point for improvement.

Q. How does it help with pitch correction? A. When measuring velocity with gyro speed, a player pushing the ball may come out significantly lower than his or her actual velocity. This is because the acceleration of the arm is measured as low for a throw. If your speed is measured lower than your actual speed, you can figure out for yourself the mechanism of not throwing by throwing in various ways to see how you can speed up your swing. An arm swing that naturally pushes while practicing fun is corrected.

Q. Is it suitable for children with small fingers? A. There is no problem with the size of the product from the first grade of elementary school to an adult 190 cm tall. In the case of size, it was designed and tested from the beginning of production. Especially, since the main target market is the United States, it was made considering the size of American hands.

Q. How do I exchange/refund/AS? A. If you receive an initial defective product, without any conditions will unconditionally exchange 1:1 with a new product.

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