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GYROSPEED: Revolutionary Towel Trainer for Baseball - Pitching Trainer Uses Hand-Held Speed Sensor with Included Towel.


Quickly Improves Pitching - Revolutionary unique new trainer tool is what every young pitcher and player needs to develop their talent and ability. Quickly increases pitching speed and power while fostering proper form.

Grab the chance,
Grab the Gyrospeed

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The highly anticipated campaign is finally here and ready to kick-off!

This is the smart, streamlined training system every young player needs. It's a revolutionary new invention not available in stores. It lets kids quickly increase pitching speed, increase power, improve accuracy, and eliminate bad habits. Essential for pitchers, catchers, outfield, all the bases, and shortstop. Every young athlete deserves this big advantage on the baseball diamond.

Grab the Chance, Grab the Gyrospeed!


Find your own arm swing angle.

Gyrospeed is not just a speed-measuring instrument.


With Gyrospeed, you can use the arm swing angle to compare the speed of your pitches and find the best angle for your own arm swing. This information can help you improve your technique and increase your accuracy, leading to better overall performance on the field. By using this tool to fine-tune your arm angle, you can make the most of your training sessions and gain a competitive edge in your sport.


You can do all this yourself.

Don’t just believe what we say though…
REVIEWS from our customers and players

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"It's exactly the same as my actual ball speed. It's a great product."
"The speed changes depending on the form, and you can find your own pitching angle."

-Ryan, CA

“I wished i had a product like this for warm-ups before a big game. GYROSPEED really helps reduce fatigue and muscle ache in my shoulder.”

- hwang, 38 retired Pro

Increase speed without injury

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Shoulder and elbow injuries are common ailments for both professional and hobbyist baseball players.

having the perfect form is the best way to reduce the chances of injury

Gyrospeed takes the pressure off your joints to let you practice and master the most comfortable and correct form for you.


Electronic Speed Measurement


GyroSpeed is a cutting-edge technology that electronically measures arm swing speed and displays it in miles per hour (MPH). Unlike traditional speed guns, it's an affordable and easy-to-use device that lets players train alone, without requiring assistance. By using GyroSpeed for just 10 minutes a day, players can significantly improve their pitching and throwing speed, power, form, and accuracy. It's an essential tool for players of all positions, particularly pitchers and catchers.

Pitch Counting

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Keeping track of pitch counts is crucial for limiting a pitcher's pitches and maintaining their arm health. GyroSpeed has a built-in pitch counter that automatically tracks the number of pitches thrown and accumulates them over time. Players can use this feature to set daily practice goals and develop a regular training routine.

Grab’n Play!


No expensive speed gun, coach, or parent needed for assistance. Kids can use Gyro Speed to train, practice, and rapidly improve without help. Ideal for use after school, in the backyard, warming up before practice and games, even use it indoors to stay in shape during inclement weather.

Smart arm swing tracker.

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Experience top-of-the-line speed tracking with the compact and smart GyroSpeed. It not only measures your speed but also tracks the number of pitches you make. No need to throw anything, making it perfect for indoor use and avoiding potential damage to your surroundings. Say goodbye to expensive speed guns and fragile ball-shaped practice pitchers, and upgrade your training with GyroSpeed.

Use All Position


GyroSpeed is designed to help all baseball players, regardless of position, improve their throwing skills.

Whether you're an infielder, outfielder, or catcher, GyroSpeed can help you make faster and more accurate throws to lead your team to victory.

With GyroSpeed, you can train to improve your throwing ability and help your team win the game, no matter what position you play.

Multifunctional Use


Revolutionize Your Training for Multiple Sports with Gyrospeed!

With its cutting-edge technology, Gyrospeed can be used in any sport that involves arm swinging, making it the perfect tool to enhance your performance in baseball, volleyball, tennis, and beyond.

Get ready to take your game to the next level and impress your teammates and coaches with your improved speed, power, form, and accuracy. And thanks to its portability, you can even share it with friends and family to help them reach their full potential too. Don't settle for mediocre training - get Gyrospeed today and dominate on the field or court!

How To Use


Maximize Your Training with Minimal Effort: GyroSpeed's advanced technology detects your swing automatically and displays speed information instantly. No need to press any buttons or fiddle with smartphone apps. With GyroSpeed, training is easy, accurate, and effective.



One of the key advantages of GyroSpeed is its portability. Unlike other training tools that require bulky equipment or a dedicated training space, GyroSpeed can be used anywhere. It's small and lightweight enough to fit in a backpack or gym bag, making it easy to take on the go.

Another benefit of GyroSpeed is its ease of use. Unlike other training tools that require complicated setup or calibration, GyroSpeed is ready to use right out of the box. Simply hold the device and swing your arm to start measuring your performance.

I Invented This For My Son

When I saw my son struggling to throw a heavy ball, I started looking for a safe and fun training system that could help him. I looked in stores, online, and searched the world but didn't find anything. That's when towel training + speed measurement came to mind. The result is a brand new, unique product that is improving baseball play everywhere. It worked for my son and will do wonders for your boy or girl.

How can my child enjoy practicing?

From this question, Gyrospeed began. Then, I found the answer in the elements of game theory. The player's goals and immediate feedback are the elements that make the game fun, and so is Gyrospeed

Gyrospeed is fun like a game.

You can have an amazing experience
that naturally trains you to have fun.

Thanks for submitting!

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